Stay Warm, Stay Dry, Stay Outside

The Game Bag -- the stadium blanket alternative!

You will not be happier watching your favorite player when you are wrapped up snug and dry inside The Game Bag.  Step In, Zip Up, Sit Down and ENJOY!    Your body heat is trapped IN and the cold air stays OUT.  The Game Bag features a drawstring waist, an inside pocket that securely fastens with hook and loop closure, and a carrying strap to roll up your bag and carry with ease.  You won't be sorry you invested in The Game Bag!


Stay Warm, Stay Dry, Stay Outside

If you spend any time outside watching sports or enjoying the outdoors, The Game Bag is for you!  Stop lugging all your blankets to the stadium because you'll never be as warm as you will be in The Game Bag.  The secret to staying warm is trapping your own body heat IN and keeping the cold, drafty air OUT.  A blanket just can't do that!  You will not regret investing in The Game Bag.


Made right here in the Pacific Northwest, USA!

The Game Bag is made of high quality materials and craftsmanship!  The Game Bag is tough and durable and will withstand the test of time.  You can use The Game Bag for enjoying sports, fishing, boating, sitting in a tree stand or duck blind, camping -- the possibilities are endless! 


Easy to Carry & Store

The Game Bag rolls right up into this handy carrying case.  So much easier to carry than an armful of blankets!  The Game Bag is also fully machine washable (hang to dry) and the inside bottom is made of tough, rubberized ballistic cloth that can be wiped clean.  No worries getting into your Game Bag is you have wet, muddy shoes!